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I'm in proper rehearsals for my live show in London next week. It's all getting quite serious, as you can see from my serious face here. But I promise the show is mainly funny and packed with silliness. Saturday 4th has sold out. Sunday 5th still has some tickets available. You can book them here:
First painting in a while. Thanks for bearing with me. Normal(ish) service should resume now.
My live show 'ART-POCALYPSE' is happening again on Friday 15th March at Dingwalls, Camden. It's going to be a bit different to last time. More of an anarchic carnival atmosphere and everyone can stay afterwards to party until very late. I'm not publicising this on social media at the moment. It would be great to shift as many tickets as possible before the boring saboteurs get wind of it and start complaining. Feel free to spread the word underground, so to speak. Tickets available here:

Hope to see some of you there.
People of The North - I'm finally bringing my show to your region. One night only, two performances. At the Savoy Cinema in Stockport.
Tickets at
My live show, Art-Pocalypse, that was cancelled twice and turned down by almost every venue in the country, is now available to view online here:

I hope you enjoy it.