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A New Rule Aims to Legalize Migrant Child Trafficking and Punish Whistleblowers Who Speak up on What’s Happening

• whistleblowers discovered that anywhere between 200-500 unaccompanied children coming across the US Border are Going to the SAME US ADDRESSES.
—— when checked upon, there are barely any children there. Where are they?

• whistleblowers revealed the “sponsors” who take in these children are on watchlists for organized crime, some of the most vile and hardened criminals are being handed thousands of children every week.

• the majority of these children come from Guatemala. In a recent interview with the Guatemalan President, he said “Why are you taking our children? Their parents are right here in this country.”

🔴 The Department of Health and Human Services under Secretary Xavier Becerra, has now published and codified a New Rule Change to Barack Obama’s “Unaccompanied Minor Program” which essentially will legalize Child Trafficking, and will be paid for by US Tax Dollars.

• In simpler terms, this new rule removes law enforcement from the equation entirely.
—— Children who are visibly hurt or distressed, like one little boy who was sexually abused so many times he had to wear diapers; it now only goes through the DHS bureaucracy, with no oversight.
—— This new rule would also PUNISH whistleblowers on what they’re seeing being done to these children.

• There are only 7 US senators (both sides) working with Whistleblowers to overturn this rule change, under the Congressional Review Act (CRA).

Why is your elected official not working on this?