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Cuba foils plot to sneak arms onto island from US, official says

Nearly three dozen people were detained in a broader scheme authorities say sought to destabilize its government; the US State Department said it was aware of the allegations.

Cuba first unveiled details of the plot last December, when authorities said a Cuban man residing in the United States arrived on the island by jetski, armed with guns, ammunition and military gear, to recruit others and commit acts of violence. A subsequent seven-month investigation, said Víctor Álvarez, a lead criminal investigator with Cuba's Interior Ministry, unveiled a broader plan that includes participation by 32 Cuban residents and a US-based group called La Nueva Nación Cubana, which Cuban authorities say continues to plot attacks on Cuba from US soil

Whenever someone tries to overthrow your government, feel free to assume the US State Department was behind it. Don't even need proof, it was the US State Department.

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