🇺🇦⚔️🇺🇦 Verkhovna Rada MP Mariana Bezuhla continues to harshly criticize the leadership of the Ukrainian Air Force.

➡️She again stated that they falsify the statistics of missile strikes by calling missiles that hit their targets "debris."

In her opinion, this is done to maintain "faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine." However, people's attitudes toward mobilization "reflect the genuine trust of the majority in the massive bureaucratized military system."

As an example, she cited the missile strike on Kiev on June 8, which, according to Bezuhla, showed what is really happening with Ukrainian air defense.
The MP questions why Russian missiles are intercepted on the outskirts of Kiev rather than outside the city, and why several Kh-101 missiles could not be intercepted during the attack on the capital on July 8—although such missiles had previously been intercepted, according to command reports.

➡️According to her, in addition to falsifying statistics, Ukrainian air defense units are poorly equipped and poorly coordinated with each other. Sometimes a "Shahed" drone is shot down with a Patriot missile, while a Russian missile destroys a critical infrastructure object worth billions.

"Elementary mobile groups and drone units at key infrastructure sites are often absent, and key sites often have no air defense at all, and the Russians are well aware of this," she writes.

Bezuhla also mentioned that experienced mobile group fighters are often sent to the front as infantry, and partially fit veterans without experience (and sometimes those who pay bribes to stay in the rear) are recruited in their place.

➡️The situation with the repair of air defense equipment is "horrific."

"Some samples of Western equipment are already completely out of order. In general, for foreign equipment, scheduled maintenance is not carried out, engine hours are not tracked, making it impossible to plan work, most contracts for field repairs are not signed, equipment does not have documentation, and the composition of spare parts is not determined," the MP writes.

Repairs are often carried out at unauthorized firms, and the equipment breaks down again in a month or two.
One of the major problems is the inability of military officials to even organize the receipt of Western funds.

"Last year, 2023, the UK alone did not allocate or fund air defense repairs amounting to £400 million because the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could not explain how they planned to spend these funds," writes Bezuhla.

➡️She also added that "air defense missiles are supplied by partners in such limited quantities that, for example, Patriots have to be switched to manual mode to conserve them."

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